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Ski Beginner's Course

Learn to ski in the world's highest ski town.


5 Days | INR 37,500 

  • Personal trainer

  • Ski gear

  • Ski passes 

  • Insurance

  • Accommodation

  • Local transfers

  • Airport transfers

  • Free blackbook access



1. Ability to jog 3-4 km in 1 hour

2. No major knee or cardiac issues

3. Good general health



Day 1- Reach Srinagar, drive to Gulmarg & settle in. Go to the ski school, try your ski gear and hit the baby slopes for your first lesson.

Learn to put on your skis, walk in them, snow plough descent.

Day 2-3 Head to baby slopes again. Practice previous days skills. Learn how to turn & use the drag ski lift.

Day 4- Practice on the steeper slopes of 85 and Highland. Perfect your snow plough & ski down with more control.

Day 5- It's time to head up to Phase 1. Practice previous skills, learn pole planting and parallel turns. Enjoy doing a 15-20 minute ski run at a stretch.

Day 6- Pack bags and bid goodbye to Gulmarg. Drive to Srinagar airport with some great memories, pictures that will make anyone jealous and most important, a new hobby that will stay with you for life :)

Note- Day wise plan may change based on your learning curve as per the judgement of your instructor.


A typical day of skiing is from 10am-4pm. You can buy lunch on the slopes.


Post skiing, get back to the hotel, refresh and spend the evening cosying up in your hotel or go for a round to the market/ cafes/ bars.
The town shuts down by 9:30pm or so.


Know how to ski already, how about levelling up?

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Upcoming Slots - 2024

Batches start every Tuesday

Season for Spring 2023 is now over.
Next season is from Jan-Mar 2024

Bookings open in August :)

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