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White-water Kayak Beginner's Course

INR 19,500 | 7 DAYS

7 days of white-water kayak training with gear, instruction and 4-5 river runs in the Holy Ganga :)


Day 1- Reach Rishikesh & settle in. Meet your instructor for your first lesson. Learn to paddle, take turns, stop and understand basics of river hydrology. 

Day 2- Meet your instructor at the kayak school and head to the river. Learn emergency exit techniques, how to enter a river eddy and practice some more paddling.


Day 3- Learn how to cross a river and get initiated into the eskimo roll, a self- rescue technique. Head for your first mini-expedition down to Ram Jhula. 

Day 4-5- It's time to hit Grade 2 rapids. Feel the thrill of navigating through the rapids on your own. Practise the eskimo roll. 

Day 6- Learn to brace, edge in and attempt a longer strecth of Grade 2 rapids. Then back to rolling clinic to master the eskimo roll.

Day 7- Are you ready for some Grade 3 rapids? End your course with a bang as you attempt a 14km run with over 8 rapids, all the way from Shivpuri.   

Celebrate learning a new sport & exploring the river terrain like never before.


A typical day of kayaking is from 10am-1pm. You can buy snacks by the river near the practice area. 


Post kayaking, get back to your accommodation, refresh and spend the evening walking around Laxman Jhula. Sit in a cafe by the Ganga, attend the Ganga Arti or try some yoga/ meditation sessions if you're up for it :)



Price details

1. Price mentioned is for a solo person. If you are travelling in a group, call us and we will customise the price.

Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy

We charge 10% of total price as a cancellation fee if cancelled 7 days before start date. And 20% of total price if cancelled within 7 days of start date. 


1. AdventurePlay is a booking platform only and is not liable for any injury or death caused.

2. It is mandatory for players to abide by sport safety regulations of the school and destination.

3. The school reserves a right to charge for gear damage, if any.

By using the AdventurePlay platform, you agree to abide by our user policy. 




13 Mar - 19 Mar - Open

20 Mar - 26 Mar - Open

27 Mar - 2 April - Open

Whatsapp +91 70436 69076

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